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To the very rare person who stumbles on my RV6 Documentation Site:

I was fortunate enough to take over a partially complete RV6 project early this year (January 20th, 2018).  As a *competent* sheet metal mechanic, this seems like a good way for me to get the aircraft I want – something sleek and fast that is also  safe.  The RV6 seems to be a good candidate – and this kit that was partially built by KW is a great starting point.

The kit I bought was originally purchased in 1998 or thereabouts.  It was built before Vans began prepunching the kits.  It is for an straight RV6, which means it has *conventional* landing gear – or in other words it has a tailwheel.  The original buyer/builder largely completed the empenage kit, was about 1/2 to 2/3rds done with the wing, and did not begin on the fuselage.  Unfortunately for me and my budget, he did not purchase the finishing kit yet – so that will be an expense I will have to prepare for along with an engine, prop, and avionics and instruments.  He did, however, give me a fuselage jig that he and some friends constructed.  This jig has already produced a flying RV6 – so that is reassuring.  Hauling that jig 750 miles on the roof of the suburban made my fuel economy go from 14.8 mpg to 11.5 mpg.

Thus far, the build quality on the kit looks to be excellent.  KW is an A&P IA with incredible amounts of experience, and it shows.  I am an A&P IA with a little less experience, so I consider myself qualified to make this judgement.

Since I am not a competent tailwheel pilot and since I like to let other people land my airplane, I will have to convert this kit to an RV6A with a nose wheel.  I really don’t intend to deviate much from the aircraft kit, but I do want three axes of trim so that I can add full autopilot.   This means adding trim tabs to the rudder and ailerons – something that is not included in the plans.

For the purpose of documenting my 51%, this kit is far less complete than a modern quick-build kit.  The spars are complete, and the leading edges have been riveted together and partially riveted to the spars.  The fuel tanks are partially complete.  The rear ribs are riveted to the spars, and the rear spar is clecoed in place.  The other skins are clecoed in place as well.  Many of the holes have been dimpled.

The empenage is largely completed, although I will be making the aforementioned mods to the rudder.  There is still a good deal of trimming and fitting to be done around the edges and endcaps of the pieces.

The ailerons are partially drilled, but can be regarded as unstarted when compared to a modern pre-punched kit.  The flaps are completely unstarted.

And now I am ready to begin building.

Ailerons and Fiberglass Tips

Elevators, Vertical Stab, and Rudder.

Unstarted Fuselage Kit

Plans and Paperwork (a critical part of a kit.  Don’t buy a kit without the right documentation!)

Wings and Horizontal in a lovely rolling stand.  Thanks, Ken!

End view of Wings.

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