Keeping Track of Cost

One of the reasons for tracking all of this is so that I can know what this project really costs.  I intend to keep a running total of expenditures here.

  • Used RV6 Kit, including Empenage, Wing, and Fuselage subkits.  – $6000.
  • Trip to go and get kit.  Includes fuel, motel, and supplies to load kit on trailer.  $353.78.
  • #40 drill bits for 1/4-20 angle drill.  qty 3.  $5.25.
  • 6 Rattle cans of Zinc Chromate Priner.  $50.61 including shipping.  Ordered 1/30/2018.
  • Inboard and Outboard Aileron Nose Ribs.  $29.51 for the pair with shipping.
  • 1/2 inch galvanized pipe 48 inch long. (Aileron balance weight.)  $9.87.
  • Tube of Silicone Caulk – $2.18.
  • Quart Kit of Wing Tank Sealant from Vans – $57.95
  • 2 new fuel tank cap o-rings – $6
  • Sold MAC servo to offset expenses- $-125 net

Running Total – $6380.15.

Free Stuff (Bought in a lot, and sold enough to cover)

  • Bought used tools – $550 with shipping.  Not included in the total, because I sold the ones I didn’t need for the same amount.  WIN!
  • Hope to put other stuff in this category soon.



Near Future expenses.

  • Qty 3 linear servos.

Big Future Expenses

  • Finishing kit – About 8K.  Hope to find cheaper.
  • Lycoming O-320 – Hope to get a mid-time one for around 7K
  • Prop – hope to get a controllable pitch one, but I have to find it cheap.
  • Radio
  • Other Avionics.  Lots of options.  I hope to build a lot of these on my own.  One of the big reasons for this project is that I hope to experiment with making my own glass cockpit stuff.  I have spent the last few years teaching aviation digital electronics, so this isn’t as far out as it sounds – but it is still pretty far out.

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