Ordering from Vans – Wow!

So I just got my first parts order in the mail from Vans.  As detailed in my aileron post, I had to get a couple of aileron nose ribs.  I was pleasantly surprised to note that Vans had them in stock, and wanted only $13.25 each for them.  Now I see folks who complain about the prices of Vans parts, and I probably will later on, too.  However, let me say that this is a totally amazing price compared to Ce$$na.  $certified airplane parts are made of pure unobtainium and expensivium, so it is nice to order 2024 aluminum.

Here are the parts – received less than a week after my order.  I was nervous about the shipping price, which they would not quote on the web site – but I bit the bullet and ordered.  How bad could shipping be, right?  Right!

As it was, they charged $3.01 to ship my ribs.  I think I’m in love!  I got a full aileron worth of nose ribs shipped to me for about what a rack of baby back ribs would cost at Chili’s.

Now let me talk about *other* sources of parts.  eBay.  Right now (2/1/2018), I can find several Vans RV6 parts on eBay.   Its hard to read the pic, so I’ll copy and paste.

  • Vans RV-6 Rudder Spar (NEW) P/N R802PP – Asking $110.
  • Vans RV-6 Rudder Skin C’Bal 016 (NEW) P/N R-601-1 – Asking $240.

Granted, both of these do come with free shipping, but this guy thinks these are Ce$$na parts.  What does Van’s ask for these parts?

  • Rudder Spar:  Not $110, but $21.75.  You save $88.25, but do pay for shipping.
  • Rudder Skin:  Not $240, but $118.10.  You save $121.90, but do have to pay for shipping.

Of course you also get technical support and can return the part if it is defective if you order from Vans.

Moral of the story – find out what a part costs from Vans.

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