Back to the Ailerons…

2/6 and 2/7 – Hours spent 5

So with the new ribs in stock, its time to get back to the ailerons.  Speaking of the ailerons, here is the structure of the trim tab after removing the skin.

Now its time to begin the other aileron.  The only thing that KW has done on this aileron is riveting the stiffeners onto the skin.

KW didn’t drill the optional lightening holes on the aileron spar, so that is a beginning point.  I’m drilling the 15 holes – 2 inches diameter each – in the aileron spar.

Here is the fly cutter in the drill press.  The holes are going in nicely.

I was curious how much I weight I saved, so I weighed the 15 circles.  2.8 ounces.  Not a lot of savings, but between the two ailerons, that should be almost 5 ounces.

Clamping the ribs in place on the spar.

Going back over the other aileron, and cutting the lightening holes in.  I had to use the small fly cutter and the hand drill instead of the drill press, because the structure was already riveted together.

I could not get the last three holes cut in do to the additional structure of the trim tab area.  That’s why I figured 5 ounces instead of a little more than 6!

The ends of the spars have 2 3/4″ by 2 1/2″ plates made from 0.040 aluminum.  These took quite a bit of planning, as the holes have to fit a variety of different parts.

Clamping the pieces in place before drilling.

And all the parts that go on the outboard end of the aileron.

My 13 year old son Jason looking over our evening’s work.  We drilled and clecoed the skin over the top part of the aileron.


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