Tools on a Budget

2-13-18.  2 hours spent.

Everyone talks about tools.  You need to have the right tools to do the job.  Luckily, I teach sheet metal classes at SIU, so I have access to a pretty complete set of tools.  This is a big help to the budget.  However, I realized I was going to need a sheet dimpler to finish the kit.  The cheap version was sold by Avery tools (no longer in business), and now costs $250 from Aircraft Spruce.  The expensive version is called the DRDT-2, and cost $450 from Aircraft Spruce.  I like the looks of the DRDT-2, but $450 is 8% of the cost of my project.

I started out to design my own dimpler, similar in principle to the DRDT-2.  I got all the drawings done, and the steel in my Speedy Metals (.com) shopping cart when I saw an ad on Barnstormers for a $500 tools set that included the Avery Tools dimpler and a lot of other very nice tools I don’t need.  I bought the lot, and paid $550 with shipping.  They arrived this evening, and I am pleased as punch!

Here are the tools I intend to keep:

  • The important sheet dimpler
  • About 200 copper clecos and 400 silver clecos.  You can NEVER have too many.
  • Dimple Die Sets
  • A bucking bar that I don’t already have.
  • An Avery Swivel Flush Rivet Set (looks interesting).
  • A sheet edger.
  • A lonely cleco pliers (there were 2 in the set – and I don’t have a pair with a blue handle).

The good news is that these tools are for sale.  I will be posting them on the Vans Air Force classified site as soon as my login is approved.  They seem to be moving there.  This is what I will post:

I have a pretty complete set of tools, and recently stumbled into a good condition Avery RV builder’s tool set.  I now have the following items for sale.

  • Avery Pneumatic Rivet Squeezer w/3″ yoke and #3, #4 dimple dies ($400)
  • Avery 3X rivet Gun w/straight #3 and Double Dogleg #4 rivet set ($150)
  • Sioux Palm Drill w/key, #21, #30, and #40 drill bits and stop spring set. ($200)
  • Microstop Countersink and 3-8? bits. ($40)
  • 100 silver Clecos ($30)
  • 100 copper Clecos ($30)
  • Pair of Bucking Bars ($25)
  • 4 Spring Cleco clamps, a few black, and a few gold clecos ($15)
  • Cleco Pliers ($5)
  • Misc small stuff. Sets, deburring tools, drill bits, etc. ($15)

All are guaranteed to work.  Instead of selling it all piece by piece at about $900, I would prefer to sell it all to one buyer for $620 (the exact amount I have in it) plus shipping.  If this is still here a week after listing, I will “part out” the individual pieces to whoever indicated interest in those items first. 

Note – the drill has “MORRIS” engraved on it.”

You will notice that I paid $550 with shipping for my set, and that I said I have $620 in it.  That is because the set didn’t come with the Sioux Palm drill.  I got that at a pawn shop four years ago after a wealthy SIU sheet metal student decided to pawn it.  I paid $70.  I like the drill a lot, BUT about 3 years ago, I won a Pan American Tool palm drill with reverse as a door prize at a aircraft mechanic competition.  It is almost identical in size and weight, except it has the thumb reverse.  It is also much quieter.  I like it better, and haven’t used my Sioux drill pretty much since.  I figure the kit will sell better with the Sioux drill in it, so I added it, a few drill bits, and a Harbor Freight spring loaded center punch that were also in my box.  If I sell it all at once, I will have the tools in the first picture for free.  If I sell it out piecemeal, I’ll have the tools and make money.  I will return here and let you know how this goes in a few days.

Fingers crossed!

Update as of 2-15-2018

After less than 3 hours online, the tools are SOLD.  My zero cost tools are truly zero cost!  Should I have asked for more?  Nah – lets just take the win and grin.

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