I Begin Dimpling the Ailerons…

2/15/2018 – 4 hours.

So here you see the extent that you can reach the rivet holes to dimple with a 3 inch rivet yoke.  This is obviously not going to cut it, and the reason I had to spend money on a long reach dimpler.

More stuff I can’t reach.

I think the ailerons are particularly hard to dimple, because the skin curls all the way around.  I ended up chucking the dimpler in the vice in order to  cantilever over the other side of the skin.  I also set a piece of carpet up  at about the same height to help me not to scratch up the skin as I work.

Here is the dimpler in use.  I personally found it easier to remover the spring from the head.  This helped me find the holes, support the sheet (critical) in a flat level attitude, and then strike the rod with a hammer.

This is as far as my dimpler will reach, and it STILL ISN’T FAR ENOUGH!  Look close, and you will see 3 rivets that could not be reached.  Time for a little creativity.

I had an old #4 rivet set that ruined the rivets each time I used it.  I chucked it in the drill and ground the end off flat, with a nice bevel.

All I need is a 3/16 inch hole down the center to hold my dimple dies.

Luckily, there is a lathe in the building.  I had a bit of trouble with my old drill bit, but got it sharpened enough to do the job.

Here is the new tool along with the rest of the set.  The bucking bar (which I already had) has a hole drilled in it for one side of the set – in this case the female die.  The male die is in the adapted rivet set.

Look at the beautiful uninterrupted row of dimples!  I really can’t tell which ones were made with each tool (Squeezer, Long Reach Impact Dimpler, Rivet Gun Dimpler).  I do have a couple of cautions:  1) make sure you stay perfectly aligned with the gun, and 2) don’t overdrive.  Both will make you regret your carelessness.

So I also dimpled the structure.  I did have to dissasemble several parts, but in the end I was able to dimple all but one hole.  This was too close to the structure for the dimpler to reach, and I countersunk it

Here is a rudder with trim tab ready to rivet together.

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