Finishing up the Flaps

2-29-18 – 3-8-18.  8.5 hours.

I have always known that keeping up posting on this blog would be tough – and it definitely is.  I see that it has been half a month.  That has been busy time for me, buying a wrecked RV7 for parts – more on this soon – as well as selling stuff out of the hangar to finance the RV6 and annualling a friend’s airplane.  Then there was spring break.  Overall, I guess I’m proud of the 8.5 hours I have managed to spend riveting up the flaps.  Not much in the way of pictures, but both flaps are now pretty much done.  That is the last of the control surfaces.  I definitely enjoyed the flaps the most.

The skeleton – drilled and dimpled.

Riveting the trailing edge “spar” to the ribs.

Everything clecoed in place.  I used huge numbers of clecos in ordre to make the dimples fit down tight and the hole thing “pop” into position.

After clecoing the flap together, the front spar is removed, and the rivets are bucked through the skin seam and ribs.

The most difficult part of the job was reaching the rivets “blocked off” by the flap actuator.  I don’t like “pop” rivets, so these are all solid on my plane.  Lots of creative bucking bar placements.

Nearing the end – the spar gets riveted in.  This involves bucking rivets in the top seam – here almost completed –

and squeezing the rivets through the spar, skin, and hinge on the bottom size.  Much quicker to squeeze than buck.

I thought about trying to use bucked rivets through the spar into the ribs, but decided that this would be overkill.  Note the three cherry-max rivets on the actuator and rib.  I used cherrymax here, as they are stronger than avex.

And here are the avex rivets as per plans on the other ribs.

At this point, I haven’t touched the plane for a week, and can’t wait to get back at it.  The control surfaces are mostly done, and it is time to get to those wings!


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