A Parts Airplane – Free Wheels?

If you have been following my adventure, you know that I am trying to make an RV6 on a budget.  This means I need to spend the least amount possible on my plane, and I learned a long time ago that buying salvage aircraft is the best way to stay on a budget.

I bought a salvage RV7A.  I won’t give the N-number, but I will say that this was a badly crashed example with two fatalities.  I paid $500.

Here is the plane on my trailer.  The wheels were the main part that caught my eye.  It appears that this airplane crashed upside down, because the wheels are just about the only thing salvageable.  It has Cleveland mains, and they are in good shape.

Here you see the crash spread out on the ground.  I invited the Flight Safety class over, and they took a good look at the crash.  It is a very sobering thing to know that people died in this machine.  This was a four year old crash., and the coroner and the NTSB have already looked it over.  Luckily, I found no signs of human remains – but plenty of signs of the former occupants.  I recognize so many of the parts that I have been working on.  Still, you can’t blame an aircraft for its pilot flying into IMC without and instrument rating, and life goes on.

This crash was horrific.  There was so little salvageable on the plane it was astounding.  I had hoped to get fuel senders, tank flanges, brake cylinders, and various small parts.  Almost none of these were ok.

I had hoped to pull a lot off the wreck, but beyond the wheels, I got very little.  The above and below picture show almost everything I kept, and much of what I kept is unusable.  The broken prop is going to my colleague to show in his props class.  The broken prop flange is going to engines class.

Now, its time to do a financial accounting.  I will close this page out when I find out what I ultimately paid, minus what I can sell.

  • Expenses…
  • Airplane – $500.
  • Travel – $51.07
  • Total – $551.07


  • Payout
  • Sold guaranteed broken transponder – $30 net
  • Sold Guaranteed broken Strobe Power Supply – $40 net
  • Sold Dynon Remote Compass Unit – might work – $30 net
  • Recycled aluminum (got a bad deal) – $59.70
  • Saber Prop Hub w/crush plate and F911 bolts – $225
  • 406 PLB – $26
  • Front Landing Gear Anti-Splat kit (bent) $45

Total to date = $95.37.  Trying to get to free!

  • Looking to Sell
  • Gear Legs (100 for set?)
  • Starter Bendix (30?)
  • Misc Hardware –  AN bearing ends for pushrods (65?)


  • Keeping
  • Cleveland Main Wheels, Brakes, and Tires ($2500 from Aircraft Spruce)
  • Fuel Tank Quick Drains and One Flange ($42 from Vans)
  • Fuel Cap (maybe) $28 from Vans
  • Oxygen system (still has O2 in tank.  Tank will need inspected.)


  • Perhaps Rebuildable
  • Matco Brake Cylinders
  • Matco Nose Wheel
  • ELT
  • VOR Antenna



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