Frame 204 – Joining the Wings and the Fuselage

4-4-18 to 4-18-18 – 19 hours

So if you decide to buy a used kit, make sure you have the jig drilled parts where the spars and the fuselage join up.  This includes the steel splice plates!  Luckily, I have all of this in decent order.  Thanks for taking care of these, KW.  I don’t know if the plane would be buildable without these parts, which are to be assembled into frame 204.

I found all the jig drilled parts.  I didn’t find the side plates.  They are probably in the fuselage crate, but I figured it would take less time to fab them than find them.  Here they are – 2024-T3 and .063 thick.

Prepping the Jig Drilled parts.

First rivets in the fuselage.  KW had already drilled these parts.

KW had also drilled some of the side rivets, which had to be match drilled into my side frames I just made.  I love long bits for this task – they can be held in a bent position if needed while you drill.

Then the other side frame rivets had to be drilled in on 3 inch centers.  Later, when I skin the plan, many more rivets will go here on 1 inch centers.

Frame is looking good.

Now the other parts need drilled and clecoed to the side frames.  I had to temporarily bolt these to the spars to get the spacing right.  I also oopsied here, and made the first side backwards.  Luckily, the jig drilling was accurate enough that it did not matter.

Bolted in place.

Little nibbles to clear the rivets in the spar.  This needs to slide smoothly into the socket when its done.  A few minutes now will save hours later.

One side done.  This was when I figured out it was backwards.  I just pulled it off and flipped it over to do the other side.  Now all I need is a little nibbling and fitting, and the frame is ready to rivet and finish.

Here is a pic taken at a later date.  I still need to add the side caps at this point.

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