Dear Customer, has recently switched to an all-digital delivery system.  Until our store expands to include future items, this policy will cover all purchases.  Later, deliveries will depend on whether they are physical or digital goods.

A free no-obligations account is required to make a purchase or recieve any no-cost items.  This is so that we can be sure we have enough data for delivery.  (It is also because our software is not customizable enough to let us just require an email address for digital goods.)  We do not use your data for any purpose other than product delivery and the newsletter, if you choose to receive the newsleter. 

When you place your order, if money is due, you will be required to select a payment method.  As soon as the money is in our account (with Paypal, this is almost instantly), you will be issued an email with a link to the items you purchased.  If you do not receive this email, please verify with paypal that your account was billed, and verify with your email provider that the email address you gave us can recieve emails from  If all of this is in order, and you still have not recieved your product, please contact us through the web site.

Thank you, and happy building.