Polygonal Ukulele Drawings

Polygonal Ukulele Drawings - 2 tabloid sheets

Polygonal Ukulele Drawings


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Donsplans has it - no one else does! You won't find this plan anywhere else. This one is a real pleaser. Stylistically, it is similar to a "Flying V" electric guitar. Acoustically, it is most similar to a tenor uke, with the same scale length and similar overall length. The true beauty of this instrument, though, is that it requires no wood bending. As such, it is an excellent project for a new luthier, and it kind of shatters the tulip theme! Scale Length - 17 1/2" (NOT 17 as shown on the picture) - in between our Tenor and Baritone Ukes and the same as our "Lil' Axe."

  • Open String Length (in inches): 17.5
  • Instrument Length: 26.16
  • Instrument Width: 10
  • Instrument Height: 3.09
  • Top: Flat Top
  • Sides: Straight Sides
  • Neck: Attached to Body
  • Scale: Chromatic
  • Donsplan Exclusive: YES!
  • Difficulty Level: 3
  • Number of Plates: 2

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Polygonal Ukulele Drawings

Polygonal Ukulele Drawings

Polygonal Ukulele Drawings - 2 tabloid sheets

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